Our portfolio
Poultry farm in Murmansk Region

Era Stroy carried out the modernization of industrial buildings of an operating poultry farm aimed at increasing capacities of poultry houses for laying hens and eggs production. Before the modernization the farm could only product 150 million eggs annually. Location: Murmansk Region, Kolsky District.

Kaliningrad refrigerators plant

Era Stroy has successfully implemented a modernization project for the refrigerators plant . The total area of the plant is 47211 sq.m. Location: Kaliningrad, Leningrad district.

Residential complex in Moscow Region, city of Iskra

Era Stroy has taken part in residential complex design. The economy-class low-height construction project was implemented at the Eastern bank of Pesochnaya river. Eighteen residential buildings were erected on former croplands. Location: Moscow Region, city of Iskra.

Medical equipment manufacturer in Moscow Region, city of Dubna

One of Era Stroy’s projects focused on designing industrial buildings for an extracorporeal haemocorrection equipment manufacturer. Location: Moscow Region, city of Dubna.

Biological waste recycling plant, Volgograd Region, Sheksna

Era Stroy employees were engaged in plant buildings’ modernization. One of the main challenges of the projects was to take into account specifics of biological waste recycling industry. Location: Volgograd Region, Sheksninskiy district.