About us

Era Stroy is an engineering and construction company founded in 2006 focusing on residential and non-residential buildings’ design, construction and reconstruction. Our expertise and years of experience have contributed to our success at the construction market in Russia.

In 2011 Era Stroy managed to expand its geography and enter the Eastern European market. We have already implemented a set of complex projects and are planning to catch on the European and the American markets.

Upon its inception, our company set its priorities. Profound expertise and top-notch quality of our design, engineering and construction services have been the top ones. Era Stroy aims at project implementation in the most efficient ways and in due time.

Era Stroy splits each project into several phases: design, project documentation execution, quality control and assurance, audit and delivery. Owing to developed infrastructure, constant trainings and professional experience of our employees Era Stroy is able to perform any tasks in any branch (both in terms of design and construction), and to render engineering and construction services.

All our projects comply with the regulations in force. We are focused on working with partners in the area of architecture, construction, utilities and equipment supply.

«Era Stroy» – let’s build the future!